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The Onion Crown: Tracing Chronoswiss' 40-year Heritage

Chronoswiss, 2023.07.11. 14:46

The Onion Crown: Tracing Chronoswiss' 40-year Heritage

There are certain elements in watch design that become the signature of a brand. They transcend the confines of aesthetics and become emblematic of the brand's identity and heritage. For Chronoswiss, the Onion Crown stands one defining feature (probably the most striking one) – a beacon that has been consistently defined the brand's identity for 40 years.


Right from the foundation of Chronoswiss in 1983, the Onion Crown has been a distinct and distinguishable element of almost every Chronoswiss model. More than a mere component to wind a watch, it stands as a symbol – one that unambiguously declares: This is Chronoswiss.



A Nod to Heritage


The Onion Crown harkens back to the time of pocket watches, when a large crown was needed to wind the watch without removing gloves. Its unique shape, designed for function, became an aesthetic hallmark over time. It serves as a visual and tactile reminder of our roots in mechanical watchmaking.


Through Time and Tide


Over the years, Chronoswiss has embraced innovation and continuously pushed boundaries in watchmaking. From the Flying Regulator to the Open Gear Resec, Chronoswiss timepieces have become renowned for their groundbreaking designs and cutting-edge technology. But through all these changes, the Onion Crown has remained a constant, reminding us of our beginnings and our unwavering commitment to tradition.


It has wound its way through our 40-year history, subtly proclaiming the Chronoswiss identity in every timepiece. It’s not just an element of design; it's a piece of DNA.



Looking to the Future


As we continue to evolve and reinvent our collection, the Onion Crown will remain. It's our promise to carry forward the legacy that has brought us to where we are today. It's a sign that, no matter how far we push the limits of watchmaking innovation, our roots will always stay anchored in the tradition that is the essence of Chronoswiss.


In every new model, as you wind the timepiece via the Onion Crown, you'll feel a connection - not just to your watch, but to a heritage that spans four decades. A heritage that the Onion Crown will continue to symbolize as we journey forth in our quest to combine tradition and innovation in the world of horology.


The Onion Crown winds the past, present, and future of Chronoswiss together.


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