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One step ahead

Chronoswiss, 2023.07.24. 07:42

One step ahead

We are thrilled to welcome Luna Thiel, our newest Friend of the Brand, to the Chronoswiss family. A dynamic force on the track and 400m dash specialist, Luna embodies the values we hold dear at Chronoswiss – precision, strength, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Much like the intricate workings of our timepieces, Luna's dedication to her craft resonates with our commitment to horological mastery. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Luna for an intimate chat. Join us as we delve into her inspiring journey, her connection with time, and how she is breaking boundaries in her field.

Can you share a moment in your track and field career where every second counted and how it influenced the outcome?

July 2022 – It was my last race before the European Championships and at the same time the last chance to get a seat in the 4x400m relay. I knew this race is going to be one of the most important ones in the 2022 season. I was able to improve my personal best and made into the relay team. This race changed everything and with it I gained a lot of self-confidence. At the Europeans I was able to top my performance again and we were able to made the 5th place in the 4x400m relay final. In my discipline every tenth and hundredth counts - and you can put time and confidence in proportion.

As an athlete, precision is crucial, both in terms of performance and time. How does this attention to precision in your sport reflect in other areas of your life?

Next to my sports career I study in my masters and therefore I don’t have much time in my daily life. Therefore it´s even more important to have a great time management. Doing things precisely helps me to plan my day and safe a lot of time.

Wearing a Chronoswiss watch, a symbol of precision and excellence, is there a particular mindset or feeling that comes with it? Does it resonate with your attitude towards your sport?

Being a professional athlete means to do it on a high level do everything precisely and excellent, to be determined. In my sports, every second, every tenth, every hundredth of a second counts and makes the difference in the end. Chronoswiss embodies the same traits. For a watch its necessary to always be on time, to work accurately.

Lastly, if you could freeze a moment in time, what would it be and why?

If I could freeze a moment in time it would be my win at the Istaf in 2022. This race has been the most perfect one I ever accomplished. I put every piece together, everything worked out the way I planned it. The outcome made me the top 2 German athlete of the past 20 years in Germany. Even more special that I had the chance to run in front of a huge home crowd, including my family. This was a competition I will remember for the rest of my life.

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