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A Journey Through Time and Space: From Jupiter to the Sun

Chronoswiss, 2023.07.10. 12:20

A Journey Through Time and Space: From Jupiter to the Sun

The Galactic Aesthetics


The Space Timer Jupiter & Solaris, are part of Chronoswiss's ambitious Space Timer series, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of space exploration in its design. At the beginning of both fascinating timepieces are high resolution pictures, taken by a NASA Orbiter. A special nano-printing technique is then used to recreate the respective parts of our kosmos. This technique offers an unparalleled depth of detail, simulating the swirling clouds and turbulent weather of Jupiter or the ever-burning flames of the sun in captivating 3D. One glance at the dial reveals an astonishingly intricate representation of Space.



The Moonphase


Adding to the space-centric allure, Chronoswiss has integrated a moon phase, made from titanium. Unlike standard moon phases, the Titan moon phase is completely visible. It's a rare nod to the far-reaching exploration ambitions that fuel our fascination with the cosmos. An often-overlooked aspect of horology is the careful selection of materials that comprise a watch. In the Space Timer Jupiter, the hour and date ring are made from a visionary material known as ITR2. A composite material filled with carbon nanotubes, ITR2 is not only incredibly durable and lightweight but also offers a captivating appearance, evocative of the unexplored expanses of the universe.



Full Ceramic SuperLumiNova Blocks


Adding to the Space Timer's list of innovative features, the watch boasts hour markers made from full ceramic SuperLumiNova blocks. But these aren't your average luminescent markers. They have been designed to glow vibrantly in the dark, mirroring the mesmerizing spectacle of stars and planets twinkling in the night sky. SuperLumiNova is a non-radioactive luminescent material that charges in the light and emits a strong glow in the dark. The blocks of SuperLumiNova, cut from solid ceramic, offer the ideal material choice for this application, as they are both visually striking and incredibly durable.



The Chronoswiss Space Timer isn't just a timepiece. It's a celebration of human curiosity and our relentless desire to explore the universe. From the carefully replicated surface of Jupiter to the glow of the Sun, it presents a microcosm of space exploration that you can wear on your wrist.

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